Bridget McDonald Photography | The small town wedding that hosted the really big love. Danica + Nash, married in Cambridge, NY

The small town wedding that hosted the really big love. Danica + Nash, married in Cambridge, NY

October 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

Cambridge, New York is a small town nestled in a valley right on the Vermont border. When I say small, I mean a one stop light-one coffee shop town that if you don’t see someone you know at either, you’re probably not from here. The town that we said we would never come back to in our adolescent years, only to find out we would want to grow old a few miles from where we grew up. 


I grew up with Nash and his family in this little slice of heaven of a town.  Over the years I gathered how full hearted he is, his creative and artistic talent, and shared a common ground of being on Mrs. Ridler’s good side in 8th period art class. 


And then there is Danica. The fiancé that I only knew through email, one walk through at the wedding venue, and a last minute engagement session four days before the wedding. Let me tell you, SHE’S FREAKING AMAZING. The best qualities of Nash that I saw grow throughout our childhood and teenage years, I learned about Danica in four days. FOUR DAYS. She is passionate, creative, and infects you with her happiness. And somehow in a world of 7 billion people, they found one another.


They remind me of a really good cheese and a really good wine that are delicious when they standalone. But then you have them together, and they bring out the unknown and better flavors. (I may be biased to this analogy; cheese and wine are my two favorite food groups.)


Their wedding was on a warm Saturday in August. Danica got ready with her closest girls at The Rice Mansion and Nash at a local home in Cambridge.  From there they had their first look and portraits at a family friend’s farmhouse on Content Farm Road, filled with summer yellows, shady trees, mountain views, and stone cottages. The ceremony and reception were at Maple Ridge just down the road. They were married in an open and green field with all of their friends and loved ones, under the arbor Nash made the day before. Cocktail hour was held in the warm shade outside of the barn filling the air with familiar laughs, nostalgic conversations, and cigar smoke. The reception was held in the top floor of the barn where they continued to drink, dance to good music, and eat local food. To those that have forgotten of how great this town can be, I hope these photos and this day remind you.


There are two reasons that I decided to share Danica and Nash’s wedding day. First being their present, big, and contagious love.  But also, their impeccable taste. And when you combine the two you get the wedding Pinterest couldn’t even come up with. Or as one guest worded it, “Straight out of a Bloomingdales catalog.”


From the attire and details, to eloquent speeches and locations, Danica and Nash threw the wedding of our dreams (in our backyard).

For the motion picture, head to OTD Collective’s video,  & if you are looking for a videographer for 2017, Haley is your girl. 

Julia Ehrnstorm is responsible for some of these beautiful photos! She's the best.




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Ha ha! :) Comparing with cheese and wine, that's really a nice compliment. The couple "Danica and Nash" looks so gorgeous and beautiful, wishing them a happy married life. Also, the wedding venue looks so amazing as well as the couple. Your photography is really good, captured every enjoyable and emotional moment. Thanks for capturing and sharing those beautiful moments.
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