Meg & Cal’s engagement in New Hampshire, the importance of travel, and having rainy sessions

November 01, 2016  •  8 Comments

Hi Guys! Welcome to November and my latest blog post. Last week my boyfriend, Frank, and I traveled to Portsmouth New Hampshire so I could photograph Meg and Cal’s engagement. I actually have known Meg for probably around ten years. She grew up neighboring my hometown. Same friends circle, and we even traveled to Europe in 2008 together to play soccer. Long story short, Meg and her fiancé, Cal, recently moved to Portsmouth for work, they have fallen in love with the area, and they really wanted their engagement photos taken there.


I wanted to first let people, that are on the fence about contacting me for wedding and engagement photography because of distance, know that isn’t an issue! I will travel WHEREVER!


Second, I wanted to explain why. When I am booked for any type of session, I will always give the option for my client to select the location they would like to shoot at. A lot of the time they open my eyes to beautiful spots that I had no idea existed, such as the Rose Gardens in Schenectady. But even more importantly, gives the opportunity for sentimentality.  Newborn sessions at home snuggled with mom and dad, reunion sessions on land these adults grew up exploring as kids, or cities where the newly engaged will start this chapter of their life together. I want each and every one of you to be able to look back on these photographs and have a story to tell.


When I have requests like this, it needs to be planned in advance, for obvious reasons. It was a four-hour trip one way, it needed to be on a weekday, and it needed to be before winter.  Set in stone, they were in the calendar for last Thursday. The day upstate New York was hit with a mini-blizzard…


We set out for Portsmouth around 10 AM and about an hour in I was trying NOT to rip my hair out as we drove through flurries on the highway. I think all photographers can relate to how stressful weather can be when it’s busy season, and time for rescheduling really isn’t in the picture (reasons stated above). Not long after, I heard from Meg and how she hoped the rain would pass by the time I got there. As many of you can probably guess, it did not. From start to finish, it rained a cold, cold, rain.


This isn’t my first time in an unfortunately wet predicament. I had a wedding this past July where there were tornado warnings two miles down the street and it was a torrential downpour the entire ceremony. Did I mention it was outdoors? Anyway, some of the best wedding photos I have to date came from that day.  It pushed my creativity out of it’s comfort zone, and we worked with and around it. So that’s what Meg, Cal, and I did.

To be fair to the rain, there is something solace and romantic about it. On rainy days I know I prefer to stay cozy with a glass of wine. It also made for a much quieter session walking around Portsmouth. Sometimes it felt like we were the only ones out and about. We started at the Portsmouth Book and Bar, a cute spot with big windows (a photographer’s dream indoor location), cozy worn in couches, big library style bookshelves, and a killer beer and wine list. Pretty much the storybook location for an engagement session when it rains. We spent some time there, in between shooting, I got to hear about the first time they formally met, the first date, and the beach house proposal, all over a glass of really good wine. 


Getting ready to leave the Book and Bar, I looked out the window and made note of a walkup I really liked across the street and wanted to shoot there before we moved to a park they had in mind. “The one right there?, that was mine and Meg’s first apartment here!” Serendipity.


We wrapped up heading towards the water, something I had my heart set on regardless of weather because I rarely get to shoot at the ocean.


I want your sessions and/or your wedding day to be exactly what you want and envision. I want to explore new places, and I want to get to know the both of you through that. I end up in these exact situations where I know I will return to Portsmouth, just because.


And don’t let rain, rain on your parade. Photographers, make sure your equipment is safe. And to those being photographed, “If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain.”


I hope you enjoy seeing Meg and Cal's engagement session!


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