Bridget McDonald Photography | At home newborn session + meeting Andie Charlotte

At home newborn session + meeting Andie Charlotte

December 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hi all, and Happy end of 2016!


I thought I would ring in the New Year with a new bundle of joy and a reminder on my newborn sessions and how they work. I made a post about this last year to my Facebook page, Bridget McDonald Photography, but thought I would reiterate because I have been getting a lot of inquiries on newborn sessions! The post was as follows:


“I have recently decided to make the transition into at-home/lifestyle newborn photography. Before I explain why, I wanted to say that I respect to no end photographers that have taken on the challenge of posed newborn photography and succeeded, it is truly an art, it's just not for me.

Over the course of the past 5+ years, I have photographed incredible milestones in other people's lives. Starting from 7 days new to 70 years old, and everything in between. But why after 5+ years of photographing all of these wonderful people, did I have the least interest in photographing arguably the cutest and littlest ones? Here's why:

The approach I took in newborn photography was posed. You know, the cute little human wrapped in pastel cloth, an adorable little hat, hands perfectly placed, fast asleep. I've had my fair share of success with posed newborn photography in my opinion, but again, it's just not for me. Kristin, Rock, and Violet are a perfect example as to why I want to continue with "at-home/lifestyle newborn photography." These are real moments, of new parents absorbing their beautiful daughter entirely. It's a remarkable thing to witness a new mom and a new dad hold their child for an hour and a half, and to literally see their love somehow surpass what it was when I first arrived. These are real moments, in a special place, that will more than likely watch Violet have her first steps, hear her first words, mark her growing inches on the wooden door frame, and already have so many memories up until her arrival. That is what is important to me, and what I love. To capture not just your beautiful newborn, but the environment in which she or he and you will grow.”


I posted this about a year ago when I first made the transition with Rock and Kristen’s baby girl, and I am so happy I did! I now love photographing little ones in cozy homes and seeing them be sleepy, be curious, be comforted, and all things in between. 


I photographed Brad + Shauna’s wedding in May of 2015, and in November visited their home nestled in the back roads of Cambridge to meet their perfect newest edition, Andie. Here are a few of them being totally in love and at home.


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