Bridget McDonald Photography | Why my engagement sessions are worth it (aside from being free).

Why my engagement sessions are worth it (aside from being free).

September 06, 2016  •  2 Comments

AH! A second blog post! And on one of my favorite type of sessions! So.Much.Goodness

First and foremost I wanted to thank Chelsea + Anthony for being a dream couple in front of the camera (as well as just in general). We had a perfect session around Glens Falls and I could NOT wait to share with all of you.

Okay, so, yes you read the headline correctly: My engagement sessions are free once you book your wedding with me. Here are a few reasons why:

1. This is great practice in front of the camera to get me comfortable with you and you both to get comfortable with me and the camera. Because let's face it, the couple's who love getting their photo taken are few and far between. 

2. And because those couple's are few and far between, I'm here to tell you that you are in the majority! Don't let your insecurity in front of the camera scare you away from doing the engagement session. We will get beautiful photos, I promise.

3. Engagement photos are a solid alternative to wedding photos to have hanging around the house. They will show you two together in a more "everyday" kind of light. 

4. It can be as casual as you want it to be. Do you want to hang with your dog and fiance in your pajamas on the couch? PERFECT! Maybe grab a few drinks at the local brewery? I'M IN! Alternatively, it can be as formal as you would like too, or even a mixture of both.


5. Chelsea + Anthony's session consisted of looking at each other, kissing a bunch, laughing just as much, and drinking Mean Max's brews. This could be you.


Honestly, I could give you ten more reasons why taking advantage of an engagement session is definitely worth it, but I'll let these two show it off. If you have questions on wedding photography or engagement, contact me!, I'd love to talk and get together. 


Monique Fethke - grand mother of the fiancee -(non-registered)
absolutely beautiful pictures. They are just too cute!!!!!
Chelsea & Anthony(non-registered)
We are soooo excited to see more! We absolutely love every shot and had so much fun taking them with you! Looking forward to taking more pictures on our BIG DAY!!!!! xox Thank you Bridget!
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