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Along for the ride of the greatest adventure

October 26, 2017  •  5 Comments

A little over a week ago, Cala, Matt, and I set on our adventure to the Adirondack Mountains to shoot their engagement session at a well known lookout, Indian Head. It’s not too difficult of a hike, but it was about 9 miles round trip and including shooting time, I spent about 6 hours with them in almost complete solitude.


I have known Cala + Matt for a few years and well aware of their hobbies, because on paper, sometimes, I think we would be mistaken for the same people. Beer, dogs, and hiking just to name a few. But I really have never spent much time with them together, and this 6 hours was enlightening. 


I learned that a Cowboys fan and a Patriots fan can in fact be in love. I learned that Cala’s lack of coordination won Matt over instantaneously which later showed itself when Matt caught her from falling in a brook. I heard about their first kiss, and their first “I love you” - which may or may not be the reason for a few of the outbursts of laughter shown below. I heard of past adventures and future ones. I watched their light heartedness with one another as well as their patience (something we all need to be reminded of in the middle of a mountain with our significant other). I photographed them with no distraction, or people around and still get the goose-bumpy feels going through these and seeing how they really, really do love each other.


That’s enough, I’m a puddle on the floor, here is a collection of my favorites from Cala & Matt’s session in the Adirondacks.


Anne Sargood(non-registered)
Beautiful Matt and Cala!
Kim Everard(non-registered)
You are as beautiful as ever Cala. Congratulations to you both. Great pictures!
Craig Colvin(non-registered)
Great pics matt and Cala! I love them!
Laura Ward(non-registered)
These are stunning. Made me a bit misty. But then, you have magnificent subjects. Congratulations Matt and Cala
Maggie Kinney(non-registered)
There are beautiful!! Congratulations!!!
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