Kyle + Brittany’s Irish engagement, perfectly unplanned.

July 12, 2017  •  8 Comments

About a week ago Frank and I got together with Britt and Kyle to grab dinner to talk wedding (EEEEKKK!), and catch up, seeing as we hadn’t seen them since our two week excursion through Ireland and Gent, back in March. And that’s what has brought me to this better-late-than-never blog post.

If you didn’t already know or couldn’t guess by the title, Britt and Kyle got engaged in Ireland on our trip. But we will get to that in a bit.


Just a little back story, last December Kyle and I started talking on a trip to Massachusetts about the “what ifs” of proposing to Brittany in Ireland as opposed to their weekend away to the Finger Lakes. I think I said, “you’ll be in engaged in IRELAND” enough times  to at least have him thinking about it. Next time we saw each other, in February, I was looking at photos of a freaking beautiful diamond ring. 


So those that know me, know I’m a planner. I love to-do lists, I love researching, and I love timelines. Those that know me also know when I don’t have a plan plus a back up plan, I get a little nutty. 


“So what’s the plan for the proposal, Kyle? Have you picked where or what day?”

“No, I know it’s going to happen in Ireland, but I don’t really want an exact plan. Just when the timing is right, I think I’ll know.”




He at least threw me a bone and said we could have a code phrase when he was about to get down on one knee which was, “I could really go for an iced coffee right now” and later changed to “Will you take our picture?” In hindsight, having a photographer with you 24/7 and needing a code phrase, don’t make it “will you take our picture?"

We arrived in Ireland at around 4 AM, and had a plan to catch sunrise at the Howth Cliffs right outside of Dublin. A small side note, anyone spending a few days in Dublin, I highly recommend doing this, It is absolutely breathtaking. But anyway,  we are on our way to Howth, or trying to be (first timers driving on the other side of the road and car). We are tired, we smell, but we are so happy to be here. Now remember, Frank and I, and even Kyle don’t know when “the timing is right” so we are all a little on edge, while Brittany is just taking in the serene views, cool as a cucumber. I’ll cut the anticipation for now, this wasn’t the spot. 

We - or I - had a few days to relax from this “no plan” approach, since the proposal probably wouldn’t be happening in Dublin. These days were filled with a lot of stew and Guinness. 


Next we were on our way to Blarney Castle with a quick stop through Wicklow National Park.


 “It might be here.” Kyle said as we were getting ready to walk through the park. 




We came down to this lake, which later Kyle mentioned he would have done it here if the wind wasn’t so loud at the shore. Imagine asking your soulmate to marry you and having his or her response be, “what did you say?” ...On to Blarney Castle. 



Honestly, I had very low expectations for Blarney Castle. I’m not sure why or where the expectation came from, but I was very, very wrong. The grounds, even with the construction, were so pristine, delicate, and beautiful. I think I also may have been so pleasantly surprised because it was so quiet and not an overwhelming amount of visitors. We were walking around the gardens and, “Hey, can you take our picture?”





Kyle hopped up on a tree made for two AND…….nope. Not the spot. I never thought I could have so much adrenaline pumping through my veins without jumping out of a plane or something along those lines. 


We stayed in Cork for the night and grabbed a few beers before an early morning to head through the Ring of Kerry and Dingle.


Who has seen the movie PS I Love You? If you have, you’ll know what I am talking about here..


In the movie, the main characters meet-cute happens when the American girl is aimlessly wandering around Ireland, when an Irishman approaches her asking if she is lost. The American replies “I’m looking for Wicklow National Park” and the Irishman laughs and says, “You’ve been in Wicklow for probably about two hours now.”


This was us in the Ring of Kerry, but we didn’t have any cute Irishmen telling us. 


We found a pull off in what was apparently The Ring of Kerry, to stretch our legs, with a hell of a view. We are getting out of the car and Kyle says, “Should I do it?!” Naturally, I burst out into a nervous laughter while scrambling to grab any and all cameras. “What’s so funny?” Britt asked. “Oh, um, my pants were down.” Good save Kyle.


These are shot a few minutes before the proposal, and I will adore them forever. They may not be picture perfect, or what you anticipate to see right before, but I love that they have a touch of awkwardness in a way that reflects how even your very best counterpart of so many years can still make you feel nervous in the best way possible. And this is exactly how I knew it was happening here. 

The perfect reminder that things don’t always go as planned, or planned at all, and they still manage to find their way to being amazing. 


There is plenty more to the trip that maybe I’ll get around to sharing on a rainy day. From our night in Dingle, to the Cliffs of Moher, Athlone, and Belgium. But the last thing I wanted to show you was their impromptu engagement session at Kinnitty Castle that made us overflow with laughter and our flutes with champagne. 

Here’s to a trip I will never forget and even if I did, here’s to the people I have forever with to remind me. Cheers you two, I couldn’t be happier for your continued adventure - and to photograph it :)




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