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moody wedding photo


Although I would love to share all of my client galleries, here is a look at my work through the lens of the following categories: Wedding & Elopement, Engagement and Lifestyle & Family.

wedding portrait with dog



Weddings and elopements are the biggest reason I love what I do. I will never grow tired of witnessing a day that bursts at the seams with a love without limits while being able to photograph it for you to look back on. I’m just a professional 3rd wheel here to give you authentic photos with all the feels and moody hues.



“Do we need an engagement session?” HECK YES YOU DO. Okay, need might be a strong word, but I promise you won’t regret making a date out of getting ready, taking some cute pics (that you probably don’t have enough of), doing something you love.

garden engagement portrait
sunset familiy portrait



Photos to celebrate all of the milestones from anniversaries to growing families to the beautiful chaos as everything we call “life” unfolds. I call these “lifestyle sessions” because I love to let kids be kids and show me what they love. Because I am a true believer that your love for your partner, family, and self show without posing - I’m just here to make sure it’s photographed in it’s most genuine form.

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